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Leave Me Alone is the Unroll.Me alternative that's safe and secure, offers instant unsubscribes, and works in the EU.

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Unlike, Leave Me Alone is not also collecting your data.


Leave Me Alone and Unroll.Me Comparison

In this handy table we compare the features of Leave Me Alone with Unroll.Me so you can make the right choice for you to keep your inbox clean!

Leave Me Alone logoLeave Me Alone
Privacy policy
Will never sell your data
Aggregates and sells data for marketing
Multiple accounts support
Email providers supportedGmail, Outlook/Hotmail/Live/MSN, Fastmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, AOL, and all other email servicesAll email servicesGmail, Outlook/Hotmail/Live/MSN, Fastmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, iCloud support removed 31 March 2019Most email providers, iCloud support removed 31 March 2019
Instant unsubscribes
Takes 24 hours
Available in the EU & EEA
Complies with GDPR in the EU & European Economic Area
Stopped providing service to all EU residents on May 23 2018
Multiple Rollups
Receive multiple Rollups on different schedules
Only one daily Rollup
Live chat support
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"I've used Leave Me Alone. It's great! They don't use your email data like Unroll.Me."

Terrance Kwok, Product Manager - Chili Piper

Your data is yours

At Leave Me Alone, we charge for our service so that you can be sure we will never exploit your data in order to keep our lights on. When we search your emails they are sent directly to you, and stored in your browser, not on our servers.

Security at Leave Me Alone

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Unsubscribe instantly

Leave Me Alone unsubscribes you from unwanted emails instantly. When you click unsubscribe there are no rules, bundles, or other features hiding the junk from you. Those subscriptions are gone forever, even if you decide to stop using our service.

How Leave Me Alone works

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Clean all accounts together

Connect all of your email accounts to Leave Me Alone, and clear out the unwanted mail in one go. We support all Google and Microsoft accounts, including Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, and Hotmail. Plus, Yahoo, iCloud, Fastmail, AOL & all IMAP accounts.

Leave Me Alone supported providers

"I love to know that my data is safe. Leave Me Alone is user friendly, it's beautiful and it does the job well. What more could I ask for?"

Tamara Sredojevic, Freelance Marketing Strategist

I have more questions...

How do you unsubscribe me instantly?

We follow the unsubscribe links provided in your unwanted emails. If there's no link, then we send an email to their unsubscribe mailing address. Providing they obey the rules, then you will be unsubscribed!

What about migration, do you offer that?

Good news, you don't need to migrate from Unroll.Me! We will show you all of the subscription emails in your mailbox, including your Unroll.Me Rollup folders. You can start using Leave Me Alone straight away!

Do you really value my privacy?

Absoutely! Privacy is at the core of our business. We only ask for the mailbox permissions we need to operate, and we are completely open and transparent about our revenue and how we operate.

Can I try Leave Me Alone for free?

Yes! As soon as you log-in and connect an account you we show you all of the subscription emails in your inbox. Every new account receives 5 free unsubscribes to try out our super quick and easy unsubscribing!

Leave Me Alone is a privacy-friendly way of doing the same thing that did while knowing your data is safe.


We're the Unroll.Me alternative you can trust.

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