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  • Unlimited unsubscribes
  • Use Rollups for 7 days
  • Use Inbox Shield for 7 days
    • Screener
    • All Blocklists
    • Do-not-disturb mode
    • Priority senders
$one-off payment
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Casual Emailer

You're drowning in mailing lists and want to reduce the noise

  • Unlimited unsubscribes
  • 3 Weekly Rollups
  • Inbox Shield
    • Screener
    • Unsubscribe Blocklist
    • Do-not-disturb mode
    • Priority senders
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Inbox Zero Hero

You're an email power user and want to have total control

  • Unlimited unsubscribes
  • 10 Daily & Weekly Rollups
  • Inbox Shield
    • Screener
    • All Blocklists
    • Do-not-disturb mode
    • Priority senders
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Pricing FAQs

How does the 7 day pass work?

The 7 day pass gives you full access to try all Leave Me Alone features for 7 days to get your inbox back under control with no monthly commitment.

When the pass ends you won't be charged. It's 100% your choice to upgrade. No pressure and no surprises.

What happens at the end of the 7 day pass?

When the 7 day pass ends you'll still be able to use Leave Me Alone but access to premium features will be stopped.

Any mailing lists you unsubscribed from are gone forever, and any emails added to Rollups or blocked with Inbox Shield will still be in your mail client.

Can I just buy unsubscribes?

You can buy a 7 day pass with unlimited unsubscribes for 7 days. Then you can try out Rollups and Shield if you want to!

If you only want to unsubscribe without trying other features then that's 100% ok too!

How does the Rollups allowance work?

Each Rollup you have enabled will count towards your allowance.

You can disable a Rollup at any time, but this means we will stop moving mail out of your inbox and you won't receive your scheduled digest until you re-enable it.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from the billing page. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your billing period and your card will not be charged again. There is no penalty or notice period.

Purchasing a 7 day pass (not a monthly plan) is a one-off payment and your card will not be charged again.

What if I have more questions?

Send us an email at support@leavemealone.app and we'll be happy to help!

Our customers are happy customers!

"For the first time in 12 years, I have finally been to able to take control of my inboxes. 11/10 probably the best thing I've used, period."

Nic, Content Curator and Editor

"I was one week away from deleting my main email due to being overwhelmed with spam. Leave Me Alone just worked!"

Arthur Seabra, Entrepreneur

"Leave Me Alone saved me time and frustration! Leave Me Alone is so simple, but oh so effective!!"

Lotje Kinable, Software Engineer

"I was able to unsubscribe from 210 emailing lists in 15 minutes. It really DOES work."

Ishan, Startup Founder

"Leave Me Alone saved me so much time decluttering my inbox and freeing myself from useless emails."

Elise Livingston, UX Designer

"I have increased my productivity a lot in just a few minutes using Leave Me Alone."

Cosme Faé, Lead Designer

Do I need Leave Me Alone?

From our anonymous usage data we can estimate how many newsletters you receive need based on the size of your inbox.

Approximately how much mail do you receive each day?

white envelope
You receive approximately this many emails per month
envelope with annoyed face
Around 8-10% of all mail we scan is a subscription email
Leave Me Alone mini logo
Users report around 36% of the subscriptions we find are unwanted

We estimate you receive around 17 unwanted subscription emails each month!

We recommend using Leave Me Alone to help you tidy up your inbox

Start cleaning your inbox

Why is Leave Me Alone not free?

Leave Me Alone is paid that we can provide a great, privacy-focused service, but we've tried to keep our pricing fair and affordable.

Some of our competitors offer a similar unsubscription service for free. They are able to do this because they make money by aggregating and selling data generated from your emails.

You can read more about this on The New York Times, Life Hacker, Wired, TechCrunch, and The Guardian.

At Leave Me Alone, we have made it our policy to NEVER compromise our users' privacy in this way.

To further ensure this is never a possibility we don't even store any email information (unless we need it to create your Rollups). Any emails we scan on your behalf are streamed directly to you and not stored by our system.

This means you can be sure we will never exploit your data in order to keep our lights on.

That said, we do store some completely anonymous data so that we can show fancy statistics like the ones you see on the homepage and open page. You can read more about this and how we manage all our data on our security page.

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