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Combine your favorite emails into beautiful digests and decide when you receive them.

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A new way to receive mail

Rollups is a powerful way to reduce your overflowing inbox into just a handful of email digests curated by you and delivered on your schedule.

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Get to inbox zero with Rollups. You'll receive fewer emails and when you get your digest you'll actually want to read it - what a dream!

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"Leave Me Alone saved me time and frustration! Congratulations for coming up with something so simple, but oh so effective!!"

Lotje Kinable, Software Engineer

Fall back in love with your inbox

Remember when opening your email was exciting and interesting instead of just another chore?

Rollups puts you back in control. You can catch up with last week's tech news first thing on Monday morning, learn something new on Wednesday afternoon, and settle down to read your favorite long newsletters and stories on Sunday.

Get the back.

Read your emails in peace

Your inbox is a distracting place to read long emails. It's filled with notifications, reminders, and messages from your boss.

The Focus Mode reader brings calm back to your inbox - perfect for catching up on your newsletters over a morning coffee.

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How much does it cost?

Unsubscribe from 5 emails for free - no credit card required

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Seven-Day Pass

$7 for 7 days full access, get your inbox back under control

  • Unlimited unsubscribes
  • Use Rollups for 7 days
  • Use Inbox Shield for 7 days
  • Use Shielded Emails for 7 days
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Buy once for $ One-off payment, no subscription
Billed monthly

Casual Emailer

You're drowning in mailing lists and want to reduce the noise

  • Unlimited unsubscribes
  • 3 Weekly Rollups
  • Inbox Shield
  • Shielded Emails
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Get started now monthly subscription, cancel any time

Inbox Zero Hero

You're an email power user and want to have total control

  • Unlimited unsubscribes
  • 10 Daily & Weekly Rollups
  • Inbox Shield
  • Shielded Emails
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"I'm managing to clear a tonne of junk with Leave Me Alone and keep my inbox more focused on what matters."

Jess Wallace, Founder - CoderStory
  • Rollup multiple accounts into your digests

    Combine newsletters sent to all of your accounts into Rollups sent to your main account.

    Stop switching between tabs to find the email you're looking for.

  • No limit on senders in your Rollup

    There's no limit on the number of emails you can add to your Rollups, so add as many as you like!

    Enjoy reading the emails from the senders you love again.

  • Read your digest without trackers

    All known spy trackers are removed from the emails in your Rollups, even the hidden pixel trackers!

    Be free from open and click tracking when reading.

Ready to love your inbox again?

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P.S. The newsletters shown on this page are all used in our own Rollups that we created from our favorite senders!

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