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Leave Me Alone is the Cleanfox alternative that takes your privacy seriously while still providing a fast and efficient unsubscribing experience.

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You should pay money for Leave Me Alone, an email unsubscription service that doesn't sell user data.


Leave Me Alone and Cleanfox Comparison

We've provided an easy way to compare Leave Me Alone with Cleanfox to choose the best unsubscribing service to clear out your mailbox.

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Multiple accounts support
Privacy policy
Never sells any data, even anonymized
Market-intelligence company which sells anonymized data
Permanent unsubscribes
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Emails are filtered into trash
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Fighting digital pollution
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"Using Leave Me Alone to clean up my inbox has saved me countless hours."

Ben Song, Director - SquareAlpha
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Clean more efficiently

Make quick work of unsubscribing in your mailbox with sorting and filtering for your mail to make the keep-it or bin-it decision even easier. When you bin-it, our advanced unsubscribing system provides feedback on the success so you can be sure the email is gone forever.

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Multiple mailboxes

Clean all of your email accounts at the same time! Connect your personal, work, school, and any other email addresses you have to Leave Me Alone. Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, Fastmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, and any IMAP service - we've got you covered.

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Serious about security

When we search your inbox for newsletters the emails are passed directly to you, and never stored on our server. When you log out, all your emails are cleared, and they will be re-fetched from your mail provider next time you log in. We never sell any data, even anonymized.

Our security commitment

"I just used Leave Me Alone and unsubscribed to 15 emails in 3 minutes What a great idea!"

Tom Haworth, Managing Director - B13

Can you tell me...

How many mailboxes can I connect?

All of them! There is no limit on the number of email accounts you can connect to Leave Me Alone.

My data. Do you ever sell it?

Nope, not ever. We don't share or sell any of your information. You can deactivate your account at any time, which deletes all of your data, and signs you out.

Can I get help from a real person?

Yes! Leave Me Alone is built real by people who want to help you get a cleaner inbox. If you're having trouble with anything, then the creators James or Danielle (hi!) will personally help you.

Does unsubscribing really help the planet?

Every email sent produces 4g of carbon, even if you don't read it! By unsubscribing from the ones you don't want you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint on our planet.

Leave Me Alone let's you clean your inbox from these spam emails,without ever storing or sharing any of your data.

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We're the Cleanfox alternative protecting your data.

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Read about our security, learn about emails & your carbon footprint, and check out what our customers say.