Update October 2020 - thank you everyone for your contributions, we have switched back to just tree donations now!

Last month we added 2 new donation options to our checkout! You can now donate to several different charities when you purchase a package of credits.

Donate to one of these charities at the checkout - you're extra awesome if you select them all! 🎉

We wanted to do something to help during the Coronavirus pandemic. We thought it would be a great idea if you guys could donate towards COVID-19 relief funds and research. We chose to donate to the World Health Organisation’s Solidarity Response Fund so that your money will help people all over the world.

There are also a lot of local charities that need all the help they can get too. James and I are staying in Ko Lanta, Thailand during this time and we want to support the people here as much as we can. We started volunteering at the Lanta Animal Welfare shelter but they made the difficult decision to close to everyone except permanent essential staff. As we were unable to help in person we decided to add Lanta Animal Welfare as a donation option at the checkout too to help them get some extra funds to look after the animals. We also have a personal monthly donation to Lanta Animal welfare :).

The option to plant a tree with One Tree Planted is still available and very much here to stay. You wonderful people have planted 311 trees so far - absolutely incredible! If you have added an extra dollar to your order in the past we are very grateful!

If you add any of the donation options to your package purchase then thank you very much. We add 10 cents to every donation you make and often round up to the nearest 10 on donation day! Every little amount helps all of these charities, especially the smaller ones.

See how much our customers have donated on our open page!

We make our donations at the start of each month and on the 1st May we donated to our new charities for the first time. We donated:

As always you can see all of our stats on our open page, which now includes a brand new section for these new donation options.

Stay safe and clean your inbox!

Cover photo from Unsplash