It's been just over a month since we launched our new Rollups feature, and we've been working hard on improvements!

If you are on our Hero plan, you can now schedule Daily Rollups for your emails that are a little more time-sensitive! ⏰

Select multiple days or every day for your Rollup - you decide!

When you create or update a Rollup you can choose as many days as you like for us to deliver your issues, giving you total flexibility in the  Rollups you receive.

What is Rollups?

Rollups are personalized collections of your favorite newsletters, sent as a single email.

When you’re done unsubscribing you can combine the emails you love to read into beautiful digests.

How does Rollups work?

Rollups is super simple!

When you create a Rollup we automatically create the first issue and are ready to start watching.

When you add a senders email address we'll watch your mailboxes for emails that come from that sender and move them out of your inbox so they don't distract you.

When it's your chosen day and time we'll send you an email with all the mail you received in your Rollup.

Should I use Rollups?

Do you receive newsletters that you love to receive but that are always lost in the noise of your inbox or you never have time to read your favorite emails when they arrive because you're busy or distracted?

Then Rollups is for you! Check it out here!

Cover photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash