Have you been added to a spam list and you're suddenly getting a lot of spam emails in your inbox?

Here are our 5 simple tips for getting back control of your inbox from spammers:

1. Use the "Report spam" button often

When you hit the "report spam" button it means that the next time you receive an email from that sender it will go directly into your spam box, instead of your inbox.

It also hurts the reputation of that spammer, so hopefully they'll get sent straight to the spam folder for other people too! Bonus! 🎉

Use this button to mark spam in Gmail

Spammers regularly send masses of emails to a big list of email addresses, but they don't know if any of those email addresses are in use.

If you click a link in a spam email then you'll be telling the spammer that your email address is real, and someone is reading the spam! This makes it likely that they'll sign you up to receive even more spam in future 😡

This applies to "unsubscribe" links too. Never try and unsubscribe from an email that you didn't subscribe to, you'll just be feeding the spammer!

3. Be careful about sharing your email

Of course the best way to avoid spam is to only give your email away to people that you trust, though of course we know that's very difficult!

An alternative is to use a temporary or masked email address like Apple's Hide My Email, or DuckDuckGo's Email Protection. Both of these provide you with a unique email address for every service you sign up for. The email forwards to your main inbox, and if you no longer want to receive emails to it then you can simply turn it off!

DuckDuckGo's Email Protection creates unique email addresses for every service you sign up for

4. Block senders who keep spamming you

Most email clients have a "Block" button. This is a good one to use alongside the "Mark as Spam" button in order to completely block a sender from contacting you again.

5. Use Leave Me Alone to detect and automatically block spam

Although all the above steps should work, they've very manual and time-consuming. And although they help you control it, they don't always stop the spam from coming!

This is why we created Leave Me Alone to do it for us.

Simply connect your email account and Leave Me Alone will:

  1. Unsubscribe from marketing emails for you
  2. Give you a private email address to use for newsletters
  3. Automatically block spam, cold-emails and anything else you don't want.
Leave Me Alone lets you enable blocklists to block spam, cold-emails and more!

You can learn more about the Leave Me Alone's Inbox Shield here and get your inbox under control without the hard work! ❤️

Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash